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We build the profiles and insights you need for more successful events.

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When it comes to having a successful event, it takes understanding your audience. Without this information, events struggle, decisions are left to a hope and a whim, and marketing (and attendance) will under-perform. Wouldn't it be great if you had deep, specific data about your attendees? Welcome to Crowd Kinetics. 

Using advanced AI and dozens of layers of data, our system builds very specific portraits of your attendees. Where they come from. Their demographics. How they interact with your event. And much, much more. Once we've (unobtrusively) gathered this data about your attendees, our team adds to more than 20 years of experience in strategy and marketing to create your unique Market Master™ report. The result is an actionable plan, advised by both data and expertise. 

Working with Crowd Kinetics:

  • You'll be able to confidently direct marketing investments, based on data.

  • You'll have vetted, third-party data to support your attendance numbers, certified by Crowd Kinetics.

  • You’ll have a complete image of where your attendees came from, how long they stayed, and more.

  • You’ll be better able to understand the competitive environment for events like yours.

  • You'll be able to see changes over time, and find places to adapt and innovate.

  • You'll be better equipped to match stakeholders with sponsorships and offerings

  • You'll understand the many kinds of diversity in the community you serve, allowing data-driven and inclusive decision-making.

Our founder has worked in the event space as a board member and event organizer for more than 15 years, and knows the specific needs of event promoters. Knowledge is everything. Let's connect and we'll paint you a picture like you've never seen. 

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”

Carly Fiorina
Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard

The Crowd Kinetics Team

As part of the Morris StratCom family, we offer connections among marketing, business strategy, brand creative and management, public relations, media production, web development, and more.
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With over 75 years of combined experience, the Crowd Kinetics team knows how to "connect the dots," helping our clients ask the right questions, get the right data, and follow through with actions that get results.

Morris StratCom companies have worked with a wide range of clients and industries, from small startups to Fortune 50 companies like The Walt Disney Co., Marvel, Lucasfilm Ltd, and Amazon. Our network includes Alara Creative, Quest Publishing, and ProfileForge Strategy Co, among others. 

"We love the 'gee whiz' of data, but only when followed by solid answers to the 'so what?' Let's start a conversation about how deeper understanding of your audience and community can lead to a shift in thinking. The data is there. It's time to put it to work."

James Clint Morris

J Clint Morris

Founder & Strategy Lead Morris StratCom / Crowd Kinetics